Yemeni Information Minister says Houthis hiding in food stores, civilian sites in Hodeidah

The Yemeni army found operation and communication underground chambers on Thursday belonging to the Iranian-backed Houthi militia in the Kataf district of Saada province in northern Yemen, Saudi State TV Al-Ekhbariya reported.

“The army found operation and communication chambers as they progressed in the field in the Bujbara Valley,” Brigadier General Raddad Al-Hashemi said.

“They were underground and connected to a mountain cave, consisting of 5 rooms, each room was carrying out specific hostile tasks,” he added.  

“The Houthi militias used this secret underground network to carry out its hostile operations and to communicate with its elements in various locations, as well as to hold meetings,” Al-Hashemi said.

He explained that inside the rooms wireless communication devices were found along a number of signs used by the militias to communicate between elements.

Sectarian leaflets and pictures of the Houthi leaders were also found.


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