Will Taiwan vote’s outcome bring China-friendly party?

Millions of people in Taiwan turned out to cast their vote in midterm elections and answer 10 referendum questions.

These questions included whether or not to change the island’s name in international sporting events from Chinese Taipei to Taiwan.

The results, which have caused the head of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party to resign, will be closely watched by China’s government in Beijing, which regards Taiwan as a breakaway territory.

The Taiwanese have formal diplomatic ties with only a few countries as Beijing makes it impossible to have official relations with both.

So, how will the result affect ongoing tensions with Beijing?

Presenter: Laura Kyle


Chih-Cheng Lo – legislator for the ruling Democratic Progressive Party

Einar Tangen – China political analyst

Fabrizio Bozzato – member of the Taiwan Strategy Research Association at the Taiwan Centre for International Strategic Studies

Source: Al Jazeera News

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