Tropical cyclone heads towards Oman, forecasters warn of 135 kph gusts

DUBAI: Forecasters say a tropical depression 1,040 km off the coast of southern Oman has developed into a tropical cyclone.

But the India Meteorological Department warned it could develop into a severe cyclonic storm with winds gusting to 135 kph. They still do not know where it will make landfall.

Approximately 1,000 km off the coast of Oman and traveling at 20 kph, forecasters have named the storm Luban – the Arabic word for or “frankincense.”

And forecasters warned that the weather system would influence weather conditions in the area for most of the week.

The NCM has advised people to monitor weather conditions on its website and official Twitter account, and to avoid spreading rumors, the report added.

In May Cyclone Mekunu ripped through southern parts of Yemen and Oman, leaving a path of destruction, with 30 people dead and dozens more missing.

The cyclone caused flash floods that tore away sections of road in Salalah, leaving motorists stranded – rooves and shop fronts were ripped away by fierce winds, while power cables and street lighting were knocked to the floor.

(With AP)

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