Marie Kondo tries to get my digital life in order

New York (CNN Business)On a recent Saturday morning, while my wife and infant slept in their peaceful, newly uncluttered rooms, I opened my laptop, clicked “select all,” and looked at the frightening total.

I knew it would be bad. I didn’t realize “bad” meant there would be 27,897 files on my computer. Almost immediately, my resolve to get my digital life in order weakened. Then I heard Marie Kondo’s voice in my head — or more accurately, in my inbox.
“The biggest mistake with digital tidying is focusing too much on what to discard,” Kondo wrote me in an e-mail earlier that week, by way of a translator, by way of a publicist, by way of a naive hope that a Netflix star could rescue an overtired new parent from being buried alive in his own digital clutter. The focus, she told me, should be on “what’s valuable to you and on what you want to keep in your life.”

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