Yemen’s PM: Government doing best to help all civilians

DUBAI: The Yemeni Prime Minister said the government is putting additional efforts to enhance the performance of state institutions, normalize the situation and start the reconstruction of the country, Saudi national news agency SPA reported Wednesday.

The government is performing its responsibilities towards all Yemenis without exception to alleviate the suffering caused by the war, Moin Abdul Malek told the Turkish ambassador in a meeting.

The Prime Minister also mentioned the various reforms the government adopted to halt economic collapse and save the currency.

Meanwhile, Shumool Organization for Media and Human Rights in Yemen recorded more than 712 violations committed by the Iranian-backed Houthis in Dhamar province in 2018.

“The Houthi militants targeted civilians, including women and children, in all the districts of the province,” Shumool said in a press conference.

The militants committed 312 personal safety violations, 311 violations of public and private property, and 10 crimes to undermine state institutions.

Shumool also recorded 39 cases of underaged Houthi fighters in the province.

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