Yemeni army takes control of strategic mountains in Al-Malagim front

JEDDAH: The Yemeni National Army, supported by the Saudi-led coalition, took full control on Monday, of the most important mountains in the strategic Al-Bayad mountain range in Al-Malagim front east of Al-Bayda governorate, the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported.

Lieut. Col. Abdul Wahab Buhaibeh, assistant commander of Yemeni forces in Bihan, confirmed that the army has reestablished control over the most important mountains in the strategic Al-Bayad mountain range after clashing with the Houthi militia and causing them heavy losses.

In a press statement published by the Yemeni armed forces’ website, 26Sep.Net, Buhaibeh said: “The army has taken control of approximately 18 square kilometers of the Al-Malagim front as well as the strategic Dhahr Al-Bayad junction.”

He said the Houthi militia suffered heavy losses during the two-day clashes, including more than 26 deaths, dozens of injured militants, and a number of prisoners. The Yemeni army also seized the combat vehicles and machines used by the Houthi militia.

The Yemeni National Army forces launched last Saturday a large-scale military operation to fully liberate Al-Malagim district and, until today, managed to advance approximately 60 kilometers after controlling Al-Fadhatain mountains, Al-Qard, Al-Ashar district, Al-Kibar mountains, and large parts of the Al-Bayad mountain range.

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