What’s next for Theresa May after yet another Brexit failure?

(CNN)After British Prime Minister Theresa May suffered another humiliating defeat in the House of Commons, her Brexit plans are no closer to coming together than they were a week ago. In fact, last night’s events have pushed Britain closer to a no-deal exit from Europe — and put her strategy in even greater disarray.

Last week, the Prime Minister reassured EU leaders that progress towards finally sealing the deal on Brexit would be made. Yesterday’s vote was supposed to be a straightforward approval of the current holding position, involving the original Brexit deal with some amendments. While it was non-binding, it would have sent a message to Brussels that the UK is getting itself together over Brexit.
But pro-Brexit Conservative lawmakers had other ideas: They objected to the tweaked plan’s opposition to a no-deal Brexit. There is a small but significant group of MPs who want to keep no deal on the table because it severs all ties with the EU. By abstaining rather than voting with the government, those Tory Brexiteers inflicted May’s eighth Commons defeat on Brexit, which she lost by 303 to 258.

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