Warren accuses Trump of ‘creepy’ comments about her DNA test

Senator Elizabeth Warren says President Donald Trump’s comment about him personally administering a DNA test to her to prove her Native American heritage is “creepy”.

Warren, who is seen as a potential 2020 challenger to Trump, appears to have taken a page out of his political playbook, striking back almost instantly on Twitter at the president who continues to ridicule her claim of Native American ancestry.

Trump has called her “Pocahontas“.

A sharp critic of Trump, Warren wasted little time going after him on Monday.

The president makes “creepy physical threats” about women who scare him, including her, she said.

Native American ancestry

She opened the day by releasing DNA test results that provide some evidence of a Native American in her lineage, though the ancestor probably lived six to 10 generations ago, according to the analysis.

Democrats challenge Trump economy rhetoric before midterms

In July, the president offered to donate $1m to her favourite charity if a DNA test proved her Native American bloodline.

On Monday, he first denied ever making such a promise, then said later: “I’ll only do it if I can test her personally. That will not be something I enjoy doing either.”

Warren tweeted Trump is a “cowardly elitist” and she “won’t sit quietly for Trump’s racism” so she took the test.

“I took this test and released the results for anyone who cares to see because I’ve got nothing to hide. What are YOU hiding, @realDonaldTrump?” she wrote. “Release your tax returns – or the Democratic-led House will do it for you soon enough. Tick-tock, Mr President.”

Warren was referring to the November  6 election, when Democrats hope to regain control of the House, which would put them in position to examine and possibly publicly release Trump’s returns.

Trump has bucked decades of precedent by refusing to release his income tax returns during the 2016 presidential election, as well as after taking office.

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