US-led jets attack Syrian army position: media

DUBAI: Arab coalition-backed Yemeni forces liberated several areas from the Iran-backed Houthi militia in the Khab directorate, north of Al-Jawf province, Saudi state-news channel Al-Ekhbariya reported.
“The fighting resulted in the deaths of several militants, while the army found weapons caches that the militia had looted from the army camps,” said Brig. Gen. Haykal Hantaf.
The official Yemeni Press Agency, in a separate report, also quoted Hantaf saying that “the liberation of the center of the Directorate of Khab from the Houthis will cut off the supply lines to their militants stationed in the other areas of the districts of Barat.”
7,183 mines cleared
The King Salman Center for Humanitarian Relief and Humanitarian Action cleared a total of 7,183 land mines planted by the Houthi militia in Yemen during the fourth week of January. It recovered 89 antipersonnel mines, 2,322 antivehicle mines, 284 explosive devices and 4,487 unexploded ordnances.
According to the center, a total of 38,817 mines have been cleared since the beginning of the project in areas with schools and civilian homes across Yemen.

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