Two killed, several injured as Houthis bomb civilian house in Hodeidah

DUBAI: Two residents were killed and several others injured when a house was bombed twice by the Houthi militia in Al-Sab’a Al-Olya village, south of Heis district in Hodeidah.
One woman was killed and two of her children were seriously injured during the first bomb attack on the house, UAE state news agency WAM reported.
Minutes later, the same house was hit by a second bomb, killing a man, who had hurried to rescue and evacuate the victims of the first attack, according to a military source from the Yemeni Resistance.

On Sunday, Yemen’s army liberated new areas in Haydan province, west of Saada, following fierce clashes with the Houthi militia, Saudi state-news agency SPA reported.

“Army units belonging to the Arabiya brigades led by Brigadier General Abdul Karim al-Sudai have retaken control of the mountains of Natheerah, Al-Safiya, Tax, Al-Aish, Al-Sawah, Wadi Al-Safiya, Wadi Khalb and Kubar Maran during the battles over the past few days,” a Yemeni military source said in a statement on the Ministry of Defense’s official site September Net.

Dozens of militants were killed in the fighting, including a field commander, as well as destroyed several military vehicles and weapons.

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