The problem isn’t Meghan Markle. It’s the British monarchy

(CNN)Did you read the story about Meghan Markle demanding synthetic air freshener in a 14th century royal chapel? Or the one about her making Kate Middleton cry? Maybe you saw the tabloid report that she gave out weed at her first wedding or even enjoyed the unsourced conspiracy theories on social media that claim she’s the latest celebrity to fake a pregnancy?

The barrage of unproven criticism and, in the case of that last claim, outright slander aimed at the newest member of the British royal family has been appalling. Her supporters have finally begun to call it out: Five of Meghan’s friends took the unusual step of speaking anonymously to People magazine this week about their admiration for the Meghan they know, who “personifies elegance, grace, philanthropy.” And, in an excellent Washington Post article this week, the author Yomi Adegoke breaks down the ways structural racism lies behind many of the attacks on the first biracial woman to marry into the House of Windsor.
As Britain awaits the birth of Meghan’s first child with Prince Harry, it seems clear that the reality of a royal child with a black grandmother has brought to the fore prejudices that were more generally veiled around the announcement of her marriage.

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