Samsung will sell ‘one of the first’ 5G smartphones next year

New York (CNN Business)5G is already here, but you can’t do much to access those super-fast speeds unless you live in a specific place with a particular piece of technology. That’s about to change.

Samsung and Verizon (VZ) jointly announced Monday the companies would sell a 5G smartphone in the first half of 2019. Although they didn’t say which phone would support 5G, Samsung usually announces its latest Galaxy S smartphone in the spring.
The mystery phone may not be the first 5G smartphone to hit the market. Unsure of other companies’ plans, Verizon and Samsung hedged by saying it would be “one of the first.” But Samsung is by far the largest smartphone maker in the world, and its decision to launch a 5G smartphone means the rest of the market won’t lag far behind. If smartphone companies want to stay competitive in the coming years, 5G will soon be a must-have.

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