Qatar MET warns of dusty conditions through Saturday afternoon

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The Qatar Meteorology Department (MET) is advising residents to take care today as another wave of wind and dust is expected to inundate the country this afternoon.
According to forecasters, strong northwesterly winds will cause horizontal visibility to fall to less than 2km due to blowing sand and dusty conditions.

The MET added that the windy weather will persist until tomorrow.

Health concerns

Qatar has been hit with several sandstorms over the past few weeks, as the nation transitions from the cooler weather to the hotter months.

Dust masks

Earlier this month, the inclement conditions caused school and flight cancellations, decreased visibility on the roads and health problems for many residents, particularly those with asthma or other breathing issues.

During dust storms, health officials here advise residents to stay indoors as much as possible, to drive with their windows closed, avoid rubbing their eyes to prevent infections and carry a supply of water to keep from being dehydrated.

Since children are especially vulnerable, parents should cover their kids’ mouths and noses while outside, to avoid reducing inhalation of dust particles.

What are you seeing in your part of town? Thoughts?

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