Palestinians say one killed as Israeli troops fire on Gaza protest

The Secretary-General of the Arab League, Ahmed Aboul Gheit warned of the deteriorating situation of Palestinians in occupied territories, pointing out that the current situation is cause for concern.

Aboul Gheit said in a statement: “The US administration is exerting unprecedented pressure on the weakest party in this conflict, and it is not understood how such an approach could eventually lead to peace, which actually distances us from the two-state solution.”

The United States recently announced that it is ending all funding for the UN’s Palestinian refugee agency, UNRWA. Washington’s aid cuts to the Palestinians also affects cancer patients and peace groups.

The Secretary-General stated that this deprives Palestinians of any political solution in the future and puts them under unprecedented pressure, both at a political level and on a humanitarian level with regards to the standard of daily life of millions of people living in occupied West Bank and Gaza.

Aboul Gheit stressed that the explosion of the situation in Palestine will not be in the interest of any party, and that there is a responsibility on the international community to prevent the situation to deteriorate even more.

Aboul Gheit blamed the US, calling Washington responsible for creating this state of anger and despair among Palestinians, stating that the situation has negative consequences for stability in the region.

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