Nissan to sell limited edition car for $1.1 million

The Nissan GT-R sports car is already expensive, with a starting price of about $100,000. But, for those who want something truly special, Nissan has announced it will make production versions of the Nissan GT-R50, a radically different looking GT-R with a body created by Italy’s Italdesign, for a starting price of €990,000, or about $1.1 million.

The GT-R50 was first revealed as a concept car, but the reaction was so positive that the company has decided to make just 50 of them available to the public. While the original GT-R50 prototype was displayed in a gray and gold color scheme, buyers of these 710 horsepower production cars will be able to select any colors they like.
The timing of the announcement is somewhat awkward for Nissan. Nissan’s chairman, Carlos Ghosn, and the Nissan corporation itself were indicted Monday by Japanese prosecutors for greatly understating Ghosn’s compensation. Production of the GTR-50, created in celebration of the GT-R’s 50th anniversary in 2019, had just been confirmed the weekend before. The car also celebrates the 50th anniversary of Italdesign in 2018.

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