Iraq PM cancels visit to Iran after sanctions comments

AMMAN: King Abdullah of Jordan said his country would hold all those accountable for undermining the security of the Kingdom and the safety of its citizens after four security officers were killed in a shoot-out.

Jordanian forces laid siege to a building in a residential part of Salt on Saturday night in search of those responsible for a bomb attack on a police van on Friday.

Security forces pulled the bodies of three suspected militants from the wreckage of the building on Sunday.

King Abdullah expressed his condolences to the Jordanian families of the security forces and paid tribute to the officers killed on duty, describing their sacrifices as “heroic and highly honorable.”

“This cowardly criminal act always reminds us that our country is targeted by the oppressors who wish evil upon us all,” King Abdullah said during a meeting of the National Policy Council at the Husseiniya Palace on Sunday. 

“Jordanians are stronger when they face such events, and they are more enthusiastic to clean our country and the region and protect our religion.

“Our goal is always to break the back of terrorism and we will not depart from this goal despite the sacrifices.”

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