Iraq clears Swedish woman accused of belonging to Daesh

DUBAI: The UAE State Minister of State for International Cooperation Reem Al-Hashimi inspected on Tuesday the container station of Aden port.

The UAE official was briefed by Mohammad Alawi Amzrieh, board chairman of Aden Gulf Ports Corporation, on the operational mechanisms of the port, which for the past four years has been receiving international relief aid.

Al-Hashimi also met with Prime Minister Maeen Abdulmalik Saeed where they discussed the challenges facing the government as well as improvements in the economic and humanitarian situation in the liberated areas in Yemen and the normalization of security conditions.

Prime minister Saeed said the government would concentrate all its efforts on tackling the economic crisis and begin reconstruction.

“The Yemeni citizen wants from us to provide him with the basic services, especially in the humanitarian field,” said Saeed.

They also held a joint review of mechanisms on how to reactivate income-generating and sovereign institutions, oil production and exports in cooperation with the Saudi-led Arab coalition.

The Yemeni people are looking forward to an active role from the UAE in reconstruction, he said.

Al-Hashimi meanwhile pledged her country’s full support to the Yemeni government’s reconstruction efforts.

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