Iran Guards confirm missile strikes on Kurd rebels in Iraq

CAIRO: A new image of Hosni Mubarak circulated on social media just weeks after a rare photo emerged that sparked furious speculation about the former Egyptian  president.

The latest picture was originally posted on an unofficial Facebook account bearing his name that publishes pictures and memories of the former leader, who ruled Egypt for three decades before being forced from power in 2011 during Arab Spring protests.

The picture has been shared more than 400 times, with comments in the hundreds showing a mostly positive reaction to the former president.

The reaction was a contrast to a picture that emerged in late August, which showed Mubarak with a woman who claimed the photo was stolen from her personal mobile.

Many of the comments focussed on how Mubarak looked older and was carrying more weight. 

One newspaper commented on the price of the chair he was sitting on which led to backlash from many including Alaa Mubarak, the former president’s son.

The new, perhaps more flattering image, shows him sat next to a table with what appears to be family pictures on it.

There have been few images of the 90-year-old since he was cleared of charges of killing protesters during the uprising. 


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