‘Daddy, the bridge is falling’: Genoa survivors speak of their terror as Italy seeks answers

Genoa, Italy (CNN)Rescuers worked through the night to attempt to account for all of the victims of Tuesday’s Morandi Bridge disaster in Genoa, as Italy’s President called for a “serious and severe examination” into why the bridge suddenly collapsed.

At least 39 people died when a major section of the motorway in Italy’s northwest partially collapsed during a heavy storm, according to Italy’s Civil Protection Agency. Sixteen others are injured, the agency said. One entire family died in the accident, Chief of Police Col. Riccardo Sciuto said Wednesday.
Three French nationals are among the dead, according to a statement released by the French Foreign Affairs Ministry on Wednesday. A fourth victim was a Peruvian national, the Peruvian Ambassador to Italy Luis Iberico said via Twitter.

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