Arab summit to address economic crisis in Mideast: Lebanon’s Aoun

The Arab Economic and Social Development summit held in Lebanon will address the economic crisis in the region, President Michel Aoun said on Sunday.

Aoun proposed an initiative that includes the establishment of an Arab bank for reconstruction and development.

“I call on the Arab parties to meet in Beirut to discuss the Arab Bank’s reconstruction initiative,” he said.

During the Arab summit, leaders will also discuss the plight of the Syrian refugees.  

“We are working on solutions to the crisis of the displaced,” Anoun said, calling on the international community to secure a safe return of displaced Syrians to their country.

In his opening remarks, Anoun apologized for the other Arab leaders who were unable to attend.

Only three heads of state — from Qatar, Mauritania and Somalia — attended the summit, however, shortly after it began, Qatar’s ruler Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani left.

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