Activists cause upset for Qatar’s Sheikha Moza at conference

DUBAI: Qatari officials have complained about a protest by Al-Ghufran tribe activists outside Geneva’s UN Building hosting the Silatech conference

Staff at the Geneva International Conference Center said Sheikha Moza Al-Missned insisted on staying inside the building, refusing to leave until building security forced the activists to leave.

Sheikha Moza had sponsored a conference highlighting the organization’s activities in supporting and recruiting young people and their families around the world and their families.

Among the attendees were the Somali Prime Minister, the High Commissioner for Human Rights, the Director of International Organizations, the heads of diplomatic delegations as well as Swiss and Yemeni officials.

Sheikha Moza’s reaction has surprised attendees, especially Al-Ghufran activists who they were exercising their right to freedom of expression through peaceful protest.

The protest at the main gate before, was held during and after the conference, with leaflets being distributed, documenting what they say is the suffering of Al-Ghufran youth who were deprived of jobs, and their families deprived of support, despite the Doha regime promoting  its support for thousands of young people around the world.

The demands of Qatari activists called for the rights of Al-Ghufran young to gain employment while the Qatari government helped young people into employment around the world, despite denying the same rights for indigenous people.

Qatari regime officials said they were irritated by the Al-Ghufran protests, and the access they had to meet with the UN officials at the conference, while distributing leaflets documenting their plight.

The protesters took advantage of the Qatari regime’s efforts in bringing together the officials, the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, activists from around the world and diplomatic delegations in Geneva in one place, to spread their messages and raise awareness about their cause.

The protesters were able to break the silence and meet face to face with the most important officials such as the High Commissioner for Human Rights, the Director of international organizations and heads of diplomatic delegations.

Sheikha Moza Al-Missned and her companions did not leave the building until the activists had left the center.

This incident is the first of its kind in the confrontation between the Qatari regime and Qatari activists on foreign land.

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