$1.5M fragrance is ‘a piece of art’

Written by Rob Picheta, CNN

The world’s most expensive fragrance is heading to the United States. But anyone hoping to smell the $1.5 million luxury scent will need an invitation to an exclusive private art tour.

Le Monde sur Mesure, crafted by French company Morreale Paris, will be exhibited at luxury Los Angeles properties in November to a select guest list.

While the fragrance is carefully created, it’s the gold-encrusted bottle that drives up the price. Each one is specially made to fit its buyer’s needs, and can take over a year to create.

“It’s not just a bottle, it’s a piece of art,” explained Morreale’s creative director, Maxime Rançon. “Each bottle is gold-armored … People are mesmerized when they see it.”

Only one bottle has actually been sold, with a second created for the show and a third currently in production. But Morreale is hoping to increase its list of clients through a tour of LA properties.

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“We are talking to a family that would like to bottle to be fully encrusted with diamond and rubies, which would take the price of the bottle up to $10 million,” Rançon said.

Clients are involved in the creative process, and the finished product is flown to them by private jet and with a full security detail, he added. Every bottle is also presented with an 18-karat gold bracelet.

The opulence of the project is perhaps explained by its creator, Jean-Pierre Morreale, a figure who the company claims is a descendant of French nobility.

“He decided years ago to create this company after he dreamt about his ancestor, wearing the full armor of the family, telling him to create that company, to create the most exclusive fragrance in the world to bring honor to his family name,” Rançon said.

Details of the private show are still being worked out, but Rançon said several architects are interested in displaying the bottle — adding that “the smell will fill the room.”

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