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The Pearl
The Pearl-Qatar, A Riviera-style man-made island developed in an exclusive environment in Doha,Qatar and the Middle East's most glamorous address, covering 400 hectares of reclaimed land, is Qatar's first international urban development venture.
Qatar Airways
In a relatively short time, Qatar Airways has grown to over 100 destinations worldwide, offering unmatched levels of service excellence that have helped excel the award-winning carrier to become best in the world.
Qatar Adventure
QATAR ADVENTURE become the leader in Doha, offering Hotel bookings, Desert safaris, Dhow trips, Water sports, Fishing Trips, Culture tours, City tours, North of Qatar, Events, Conferences and Overnight camping.
History of Qatar
The history of Qatar is inextricably bound to that of the surrounding region, while the nomadic lifestyle of much of the population of the Arabian Peninsula has resulted in the same family names reappearing around the Gulf.
Museum of Islamic Art
The Museum of Islamic Art is dedicated to reflecting the full vitality, complexity, and diversity of the arts of the Islamic world. It is a world-class collecting institution, which preserves, studies, and exhibits masterpieces spanning three continents
Doha City
Doha has recently been undergoing a huge expansion to its transportation network, including the addition of new highways, the construction of a new airport, and the planned construction of a metro system. This has all been as a result of Doha's massive growth in a short space of time, which has resulted in congestion on its roads.
Qatar Adventures
QATAR ADVENTURE is the leading online tourism company in Qatar established in 2006 as an online advertising



natural environment of Qatar

natural environment of Qatar
Tourists can explore the natural environment of Qatar by taking an exciting desert safari, relaxing at the many beaches and pools or just enjoying their favourite sport, be it bowling alleys, tennis, snookers, billiards, golf courses, or ice skating rinks. There is something for everyone in this wonderful place.

Qatar has numberous old forts and towers spread out across the country, offering a glimpse of bygone times and the days when the tribes of the land were constantly on alert for invading armies. Some of the dozen or so heritage sites have been partially restored, while others exist as ruins or excavation sites.

Umm Slal Mohammed Fort, some 20 km north of Doha, was designed as a residential fort, combining civilian and military functions.

Borj Barzan Fort, also in the Umm Slal Mohammed area, was built with a style of watchtowers unique in the Gulf region. Al Ghuwair Castle, about 85 km from Doha, was built in the early 19th century with stone and mud walls that were 130 cm thick. Al Rekiyat Fort, about 110 km from the capital, has one square and three round towers, typical of old military buildings in the Gulf.

A fort was built at Murwab, 15 km north of Dukhan, during the Abbasid period (9th century AD). Five groups of buildings (some 250 houses and two mosques) were built on the site, around an older fort, and the area has been the scene of several excavations. Al Thugb Fort represents a simplified example of military architecture, and Al Wajba Fort, on the outskirts of Al Rayyan, witnessed a famous battle in which Qatar triumphed over Ottoman forces in 1893 AD.

It was recently restored to its former glory. Ruwaida Fort is built on a site that shows evidence of habitation dating back to the 10th century.

Al Huwaila, on the east cost about 29 km north of Al Khor, was the principle town of Qatar prior to the rise of Al Zubara and Doha and has a fort built during the early Islamic period. It was occupied by Al Musallam, members of the Bani Khalid, in the 18th century.

The forts of Al Koot in Doha and Al Zubara are both listed separately in this section.

The Kingdom of Aladdin (Entertainment City)

The Kingdom of Aladdin is located at the West Bay area and comprises more than eighteen play features for all age groups. It also has an artificial lagoon, a rest house, a cafeteria and a theatre. It remains open Sunday through Friday, and Mondays and Wednesdays are dedicated for ladies and children under twelve.

The Zoo

Located 20kms from Doha on Salwa Road, it has a wide range of collection of reptiles, animals and birds and the mini amusement park for kids. The zoo remains open from 3pm to 7pm and will be closed on Saturdays.

Al Rumaila Park

The park is located on Doha Corniche with grass areas, restaurants, children rides and shopping facilities. It remains open round the clock.

Dahl El-Hamam Public Park

Located in Khalifa Al-Shamalia, this public park comprises plenty of green lawns, children play area and space for walking.

Khor Al Udaid Beach

This beach is located on the southeastern part of the country, 78km from Doha. The beach is characterized by its excellent sand dunes that are as high as 40meters in certain locations. Other beaches include the Dukhan, Fuwairit and others.

Al Jassasiya

These are a range of rocky hills facing the northeast coast of the country between the two villages Fuwairit and Al Huwailah. They are famous for their stone carvings some of which are dated back to pre-historic times.

Oryx Farm

Visitors to Qatar get to see the Oryx in its natural surroundings at the Oryx Farm, which is located at Shahaniya. Oryx, being the national animal of Quatar, one cannot find them in such large numbers anywhere else in the world. Arabia horses are well-known for their beauty. One gets to catch a glimpse of the Arab show and race horses that are pure-bred at the Al Shaqab Stud Farm. Other attraction is the Qatar Equestrian Club, where visitors come over to view its stables. Races and show-jumping events are held at the Rayyan Racing and Equestrian Club.

Water Sports and Cruises

Being surrounded by the Arabian Gulf on all three sides of the peninsula, there lies plenty of opportunities for cruising and water sporting. Sailing is a good pastime here, and many private firms offer windsurfers and dinghies for rent and there are sailing classes for novice sailors. A sunset cruise on a traditional dhow (Arab sailing ship) provides one with a stunning view of Doha at night, while luxury yachts could be rented for full day fishing trips. Apart from this, there are pedal boats, water cycle, parasailing, and wind-surfing.

Desert Safari

Making a trip to the inland sea, located in the middle of the desert, could be a fabulous way of spending the day. Sand dunes that are 60meters in height could be found along the way. Most air-conditioned vehicles are geared with necessary safety equipments to take one through an exciting, safe, tour to the mysterious desert. While traveling on the sand dunes, one gets to catch a view of the desert, and on listening closely one could hear the sands shift, while descending down the slopes.


Eager shoppers can get whatever they wish for in the large shopping complexes or tiny stalls in the market. Doha, with facilities such as the Doha City Center, which is the largest shopping complex in the Middle East, offers brands of world-class reputation, in addition to various other exciting family facilities. In the markets, unlike in all other places, items are not marked with traditional price tags.

Ice Skating/Bowling

The Doha City Center has ice skating rinks, where skates can be rented and two bowling alleys with one exclusively for ladies. The Qatar Bowling Center has the ten-pin bowling in a 32-lane facility.
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